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The city of Kastoria lies at an altitude of 620m. It is built on a promontory on the shore of  Lake Orestiada surrounded by mountains Grammos and Vitsi.

The local economy is domiated by fur trade and fur industry. Here, in Kastoria,  the processing of animal skins has a tradition of almost 500 years.

The area has endless natural beauty, rich history that goes back centuries, traditional villages, imposing mansions, archaeological sites, historical monuments and Byzantine churches.

You can visit the Folklore Museum, which is housed in the mansion-Nerantzis Aivazis, in the settlement Doltso, the Byzantine Museum, which exhibits mainly Byzantine icons from the 12th to the 17th century, the Museum of Macedonian Struggle, and the Costume Museum which  is housed in the mansion Emmanuel brothers and has an important collection of traditional costumes. The cave of the dragon is on the north side of the peninsula, near the chapel of St. Nicholas Monastery of Panagia Mavriotissas. In 1968  there was a mapping of the cave, when discovered within 7 underground lakes, 10 rooms of various sizes (the largest 45х17meters) and 5-lanes tunnels.

In the modern town of Argos Orestiko lie the ruins of an ancient settlement. Here, you can visit the Byzantine church of Saint George and the basilica of Agia Paraskevi. The village called “Nostimo”, a world-famous village on the petrified forest which measures twenty million years. In the museum you will see fossils of palm trees, starfish, shells and even shark teeth. In the beautiful Eptahori, built between fir and beech stands the monastery of St. George with frescoes from the 12th century, while  in the traditional historic village of Kleisoura you will find the famous monastery of the Virgin Mary. In the village Mavrochori you can visit the waxworks museum. Scenes of everyday life at home and outside it, manners and customs.

Nature lovers can tour the area of Grammos, from which springs Aliakmonas, the longest  river in Greece ((297 Km), to explore this wonderful wetland along the riverbed, to penetrate the dense forest and admire the magnificent ecosystem of flora and fauna.

For winter sports enthusiasts and adrenaline addicts: a) the ski center Vitsiou which is 22 km from the city of Kastoria and b) the Vigla ski resort which is located 36 km from the town of Kastoria. The area is ideal for walk tours fascinating visitors with the wild beauty of the landscape.

The prefecture of Kastoria with boundless natural environment, traditional villages, majestic mansions, Byzantine monuments and picturesque landscapes, invites you to meet and promises you unforgettable experiences.