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Flora – Fauna


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All species of wild animals of the Greek fauna live in the forests of the prefecture, i.e. bears, wolves, foxes, deer, roe deer, rock goats, wild boars and hares. There are also several birds at the highlands, i.e. eagles, hawks, partridges, etc. while several aquatic birds live along the lakeside, such as Dalmatian pelicans, swans, ducks and seagulls. Moreover, the presence of rare bird species in the area is significant. The most important  is that of the pygmy cormorant. The flora around the lake offers a particular beauty to the landscape, as well as source of food for the bird populations of the area.

Reeds and various water-dependant plants grow along the lakeside. The most important populations are Limniones and Potamiones. The rare species that one may find are iris, wild reeds, water chestnuts, water hollies, lilies and woodbines.